During the conference were presented Oculus Connect wireless prototype VR goggles Santa Cruz – goggles are characterized by high performance and (above all) the total freedom of movement.

During the annual conference of the Oculus Connect Wireless presented a prototype of VR goggles Santa Cruz, characterized by not only high quality of generated image (similar to goggles Oculus Rift), but also complete freedom of movement. YouTube Preview Image Santa Cruz is a modification of the oculus, which allows you to move into the world of virtual reality goggles without connecting to a computer. Even better, the device does not even need a smartphone. A prototype goggle equipped with a special module (located on the back of the user's head), which is also the "CPU" and responsible for creating the VR environment. There also find the battery that provides power to self-LIVE headset. The device does not find a tracking system known from stationary goggles. Tracking the user's position will be held on the basis of image areas recorded by the built-in cameras. According to Mark Zuckerberg goggles provide not only high quality VR experience, but will also be relatively cheap and, above all, we will be able to take it every trip. Source: VRhunters .