In the morning, I informed you of the official presentation of the Japanese company's flagship handset for 2013 Sony – Sony Xperia Z. At that time we did not know exactly when the phone will debut on the Polish market and how to pay for it will come, however, courtesy of Polish press office of the mystery was dispelled. [Gallery] Due to the fact that in the submitted press release also lacked specifics, I decided to contact the press office of Sony Mobile in Poland, where he received a somewhat resigned, but a very nice lady. When I asked about the availability and price, said that the Sony Xperia With its debut on the Polish market no earlier than February 18 of this year, while the suggested retail price is close to the amount of about 3,000 gold, so do not count on less than 2800 zł. Well, now it turns out it will be no small expense, but considering the technical specification and its properties price seems to be the most reasonable. In short, the Xperia will offer 4-core Snapdragon S4 Pro system clocked at 1.5 GHz, 5-inch Bravia Full HD Reality with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, 2 GB RAM, 13-megapixel main camera with Exmor RS with HDR Video and LED illuminate, housing coated on both sides of the glass, which is certified to IP 55 and 57, 16b GB of internal memory, micro SD card slot and battery with a capacity of 2330 mAh.

Press Release

Xperia ™ Z – the best of Sony's top-class smartphone display Full HD Reality Display with a diagonal of 5 inch Mobile BRAVIA ® technology Engine 2 provides an extremely bright and clear image of Sony multimedia applications provide the user with a wealth of experience and instant access to entertainment features One -touch allow you to easily and quickly connect to other devices to wirelessly share music, photos and video films Model distinctive new design Sony, and resistant to water and dust on 8 January 2013, London – Sony Mobile Communications ("Sony Mobile ") today announces its new flagship smartphone running on the Android platform – Xperia Xperia Z. Z has all the characteristics that you would expect from a smartphone class, which display a 1080p Full HD Reality Display, 5-inch diagonal, quad-processor core Snapdragon ™ S4 Pro, a camera with a "fast capture" with a resolution of 13 megapixels and standard 4G LTE data. In addition, it focuses on the best practices of Sony in terms of technology, multimedia content, design and connectivity with other devices, which provides the user with a very rich experience. The Xperia smartphone will be introduced to markets worldwide in Q1 2013

Presenting the Xperia smartphone into the hands of users we give half a century of innovation in the field of television, video, music, film and games. Thus, we in the hands of "supertelefon" that definitely stands out from other smartphones on the market. With such great performance, the Sony multimedia applications, the ability to connect with other devices thanks to the One-touch and very durable battery, Xperia Z is a leader in the market of smartphones. And because smartphones are at the heart of Sony's strategy, our customers will now receive the ability to create content and share it in a whole new way. – Said Kuni Suzuki, President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications.

Intelligent technology Sony extraordinary sharpness and brightness of the display Reality Display with the Xperia smartphone, powered by Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2, is the result of the transfer of the smartphone Sony's many years of experience in television production. This allows users to experience multimedia content with watching the super-bright and sharp image will be profound. The Xperia smartphone offers the same features as Sony digital cameras. It uses an image sensor Exmor for mobile RS, ie, the first image sensor with video technology HDR (High Dynamic Range), which appeared on the smartphone. HDR technology provides excellent image sharpness even when recording images under intense light, so that users can make very sharp pictures and create videos in all conditions. The Xperia also has a battery STAMINA mode that can extend the standby time of up to four or more * by automatically turning off the battery consuming applications when the screen is turned off, and then restore them again when the screen is turned on again. Discover, enjoy and share entertainment Sony multimedia applications and features One-touch Sony Multimedia applications offer the user the same experience of entertainment on a variety of Sony devices. Pre-installed on the Xperia smartphone applications, "WALKMAN", Album and DVD, allow discovery of content on-line and off-line using a single access point. Thanks to this experience and provide new ways to share them with others. The "WALKMAN" provides access to all the music that you have stored in your smartphone and Music Unlimited library of 18 million songs, as well as enabling integration with social networking site Facebook. Videos application provides users with access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows via Video Unlimited, and also makes it easy to browse the impressive library of movies and TV shows, and get information about them. Album application allows easy access to photos of friends from Facebook, as well as have the option to view photos by location. ** Features One-touch allows customers to easily share music, pictures or videos from their smartphone, bringing them to a whole range of other Sony devices with NFC technology, including such as speakers, headphones, and now TVs. With the new BRAVIA TV, also presented today, just for a minute put the Xperia smartphone into a TV remote control, you can immediately see your photos and videos on the big screen. In today also introduced two new accessories line Sony headphones equipped with NFC technology: Stereo Bluetooth ™ Headset and Wireless Headset SBH20 DR-BTN200M. Simply put for a while Xperia smartphone with any of these headsets, and immediately you can listen to the recordings. Outstanding design and durability Combining precision with the highest quality materials, the Xperia smartphone introduces a unique design OmniBalance whose characteristic feature is a subtle rounded corners and smartphone smooth, reflective surfaces on all sides. Despite their slenderness, ie 7.9 mm, the Xperia smartphone is very durable – it used tempered glass and put a layer of anti-cracking on the front and back of its surface. It also has the highest degree of resistance to dust and water *** (IP55 and IP57 standards), which can be found in top-class smartphone. In selected markets will be the option to purchase the smartphone Xperia different in terms of design, ie the model Xperia ZL. Also, he will be on the market in Q1 2013, ZL Xperia smartphone will provide you with the same kind of in-depth experience in terms of entertainment content, which Xperia Z, but in other dimensions. Xperia smartphones Xperia Z and ZL will be released on the Android platform 4.1 (Jelly Bean), and a short time after the introduction will be upgraded to version 4.2, the latest version that is offered by the Android system. Xperia key features of

  • Reality Display Full HD Display, 5-inch diagonal, 1080 x 1920p, the technology Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2,
  • Camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, with fast capture function, the image sensor Exmor ™ for mobile RS, HDR video function and auto-class noise reduction to no effort and all conditions to take photos with exceptional focus and create videos,
  • Resistance to dust and water (IP55 and IP57 standards). It has a display with tempered glass
  • Processor clocked at 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 class, type of asynchronous quad-core, 2GB RAM memory,
  • Mode STAMINA battery life at least four times for extended operation in the standby mode smartphone.