Google officially presented the new line of smartphones with Pixel. After the premiere uphold his sentence as boring were the last Nexus, so nothing changes in the smartphones designed specifically for Google by HTC. Well, maybe except for really high price.

Some time ago I wrote to you the text about why I think smartphones series Pixel never be the same as the Nexus, and what exactly are different from each other the ideas Google. It was, however, a good while before the premiere, but a few hours ago I watched what was happening on stage during the presentation models Pixel. It turns out that very little was wrong. New devices Google, which were made by HTC are really boring and do not stand out like a completely among other flagowców and the original "Chinese people" in this budget price range.

At most, the average design

Looking at the new Pixels is not hard to find links with iPhones and other smartphones that can be seen in stores. You know, it is not easy to do something original, but Google could do better. Disgust is especially when I look at the lower frame of the phone, which remains completely undeveloped. So why not make a larger display? This question is not will know probably answer for some time. Pixels are continuing trend in the mobile market, which is one smartphone is smaller and the other larger – it's like the most a plus, but not in terms of battery life. Looking at the specification and a table created by Damian looks like that this element is also average. Bet before the premiere that Google will make an attempt to create a variant of the battery emulating devices Xiaomi: something like 4000 mAh. Screenshot_20161004-181916

Best camera, but only by … DxOMark

That's what really stand out Pixels, an upgraded version of the camera. Most points and the same OHY and ahy – at least according to testers DxOMark. At this element I close my eyes for now and wait for the independent opinions and the first reviews of the various photographs and video materials. This does not mean, however, that this element must remain weak in pixels. You may find that they actually beat the competition on his head – who knows.

Price? Too high…

I've seen that you, as readers complain about the price of new Pixels and I can go ahead and join the group. In fact, it is high. Rumors spoke of the fact that smartphones will not occur in our country, although this may change over the next months – not nastawiałbym but it in any way. Cheapest Pixel now costs $ 649 – per buck is about 2.5 thousand, ceiling or other flagowców, even from Samsung. Does anyone of you would be tempted by the new Google smartphones? In my opinion all their charm decided somewhere prysnąć …