Today, Google officially launched the conference, which will most likely see the new Pixel smartphones and other Android devices. Where and how to watch this event?

In a few hours we will know officially the new smartphones with family Pixel and several other products. We have lived on 4 October, the date on which Google officially announced its conference. The event can be viewed in several ways, and it will start exactly at 18:00 Polish time. Everything is already prepared, and the official player count down to the start of the event. So where to watch and what devices are supported? In fact, in terms of the possibility of viewing, there is no limit – almost the opposite, as in the case of Apple. Google conference you can watch from any device that has access to the Internet and runs on Android or iOS, and Windows. Official player associated with the conference is below, and it is in this place you can watch the announcement of all new company from Mountain View. YouTube Preview Image We expect that the conference will present the new Google smartphones series Pixel device Chromecast Ultra, as well as a new series of routers home Google Wi-Fi to be more affordable for all customers. It is very possible that an American company surprised us also intelligent assistant Google Home and the new tablet, which would fit in with another series of devices. Do you know a bit more about the system Andromeda, about which rumors appear for some time? Also it is very likely. There is therefore nothing to do but wait to 18. It is not known but, unfortunately, exactly how much dish the whole event.