Google promised, promised, and came out as usual. Upgrading to Android Wear 2.0 is deliberately delayed and it seems that even her wait. So when you can try out all the news on their smart watches?

Android Wear 2.0 was officially presented during this year's Google I / O. The American company fueled appetite and in fact, is to wait. It turns out, however, that the manufacturer of Mountain View has deliberately delayed the launch of their new system designed for smart devices. All this for too little time to refine and develop Android Wear 2.0. So when the said version hits the SmartWatch and other gadgets? It turns out that users wait for each … next year. Will such a decision is good or bad, it's not for me to judge. However, if I were to speak privately on the matter, it is at least the bad from Google, so that has set the matter. Mark, however, has decided to redeem your little sin and released a third, pictorial version of the system, which is available for installation. Thanks to the latest build, users can search for applications and other data by voice, and we programmers have more room to maneuver when creating new applications. The third version also appears in the Google store, and optimizations associated with it, which allow you to use the full potential of the largest space programs and games. Unfortunately, all the news you need to wait a few more months. Interestingly, Google has not made clear which month will be updated. You may find that you will need to be patient up to April next year.