iOS brings 10 new products, which can degrade performance of older iPhones and iPads, and generate faster drain their batteries. How to prevent it?

iOS 10 brought a number of significant innovations. As always – the new system is more demanding and slow action on increasingly older iPhones or iPads. The changes affect even iPhone users 6S, who reported a slightly slower opening the application. Alone I was able to note the much faster draining the battery by smartphone. So what can you do to even partially avoid this process and speed up the system on older phones gnawed apple logo?

Disable animations and transparency

Animations make your smartphone uses much better. The problem is that on older devices, they take the potential of computing power, which could be spent on other tasks. No animation, iOS 10 runs faster and more efficiently respond to the selected command, especially if it is installed on an older device. Unfortunately, that was not so beautiful – this option can deprive us of some effects, especially the news that appeared in iMessage. ios 10 Animations can be turned off by going to Settings, guided by the then General / Accessibility / Reduce traffic and enable the reduction of traffic. In the same place, you can also tap on the Increase contrast to increase readability and turn off transparency. ios 10

Check the location settings

Some background applications require continuous use of GPS. The vast majority of them, however, can do without it. Especially that that service (with a large number of programs) can significantly drain the battery. However, it does not affect the speed of operation of the smartphone. It should therefore verify any program that has enabled the option "Always", because most of them can easily change it to "When I use." Part of the application can completely do without our location. The availability of location-based services for individual applications is in Settings under Privacy / Location services. ios 10

Delete unnecessary programs and data

iPhones have this, that if the internal memory space is missing work if they had the hiccups. To check the amount of free space and a list of programs that take up the most space should go to Settings / General / Disk and use iCloud and choose disk management. Then select the programs you no longer use and remove their data. We can also get rid of the individual information stored by a particular application, like the selected podcast episodes. ios 10

Disable refresh programs in the background

All the services that run in the background and take the battery can charge your smartphone. You can turn it off or select individual programs, which should operate in the background. To do this, go back to Settings / General and choose the beam with the inscription "Refreshing in the background." ios 10

Turn off the phone for a while

We use a smartphone from charge to charge. Practically not exclude it of their own volition. If you already happen to such a situation it is mostly the fault of the dead battery. Thus, although it may sound strange – should manually switch off the smartphone, wait a while and turn it on again. Some recommend only as restart, but from experience I can say that if all else fails this time as straightforward method can slightly speed up the operation on every system. ios 10