Recently, my two colleagues editorially exchanged a curious controversy, which involved two operating systems, which almost completely dominated the market. In his post, Damian said he did not envy users iOS'a, while Alexander and share with you the opposite point of view. I have read both texts, with most also agree and I realized how much I will miss Windows Mobile.

Initially, I wanted today to write about "speaking picture", because precisely in this direction seems to veer a modern model of communication between brands and consumers, but something struck me for doing that, but throw in their two cents to a very interesting discussion editorial colleagues, which interferes with a interesting and also very disturbing question. As ever reported, Microsoft finally distanced himself from the line of Lumia and Windows Mobile statistics they will soon seemed to lie only within the limits of statistical error. Victory Android and Apple? Seemingly, however, I took the view that it is a Pyrrhic victory that all of us will be reflected hiccups. What is the choice? From my previous texts you already know that the more I take the view according to which our choice is a matter of very imaginary. Choose between a number of technical details and our habits and sympathies to the individual brands. The hatchet between the fans and supporters of the green system gnawed apple grows dust, and both corporations since time immemorial not the force of the devastating war of patent rights. Sometimes, someone will score the competitor flick on the nose and behind. It's all happening on the corpse Windows Mobile and very interesting, sometimes even beautiful idea of an operating system that actually requested a lot of difference.

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Do you remember how many people are delighted to tiles and the simplicity of the first windows mobile? I was one of those users, and really, at some point very little was missing for me was not a user of the new Windows. Of course, there were many flaws and niedoróbek that effectively irritated, but the Android version 2.1, which I remember well, was also far from ideal. I would even venture to say that Microsoft's actions, which sought to combine the best elements of the Android ecosystem and iOS'a were usually interesting and in line with the opinions of the fledgling community of windows. Windows cells seemed to have a future. Lens Nokia, implemented by Microsoft applications to quickly add functional upper beam or deal with the notification system, all this combined with very attractive pricing policy very tempted. A few elderly people in the family understood the smartphone just because of Windows Mobile and looking only from the perspective of a passive observer, I see that recommend these phones on. You probably do not even know that the Lumia brand soon will go into history as it used Symbian and Bada.
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Kto wygrywa w wojnie o naszej portfele? Na pewno nie Microsoft. /fot. Lucasdm,

The Android love his openness and rozwojowość. It's amazing how this system evolved and how quickly conquered the market. In Ioşia I appreciate the smooth operation and the surprisingly long and phenomenal updating policy. The hardware is not what to say, everyone has their own preferences. However, I believe that in the long term, the separation of powers does not exist. People will always look for the proverbial third of the way and once you get some as powerful as Microsoft player that healthy mess in the world of smartphones. And based on what created this new player? I suspect that the decisive factor will be the usual boredom with two leading systems. I extremely regret that a number of factors swept the Windows mobile market, which had only created about a year ago, could really mess up significantly. The benefit for us – the buyers.