Digital Touch has an extraordinary potential. The solution could hit the szykowanego by Apple, a competitor for snapchat or to chat FaceTime.

Digital Touch, or digital touch is a technology that was first used in watchOS. Apple Watch so he was the first device that supported this solution. It is at smartwatchu you can draw whatever you want and send the work to another person holding the watch Apple. As that so far Apple Watch has not taken off in Poland with greater momentum – use Digital Touch a miracle. Apple, however, is not from today draws patterns from all of its products and implements them in a broader context. With this approach, Digital Touch zawitało to 10. In iOS iMessage, you can send a heartbeat, kiss or some other interesting creatures, capture the emotions a lot more than just text or emoji.

Apple will own snapchat with Digital Touch?

It is possible that this technology will d of social applications over which Apple allegedly is already working . We are talking about rival for snapchat, as well as Instagram and Stories. I am sure that the digital touch becomes a key functionality of the new program. But if that happens, we will see a little later.

fot. BGR

fot. BGR

FaceTime calls with Digital Touch

Few people know that the Digital Touch appeared, first in watchOS. It was enough, however, that functionality will be transferred to the iOS and immediately took her use of the normal users. Even born the concept of the next generation of iOS, marked with the number 11. The author indicates that digital touch could significantly expand communication via FaceTime. The sender could mark the selected objects or draw them on the screen of your smartphone, and the same picture pojawiałby at his interlocutor. YouTube Preview Image It is not difficult to imagine that the above use Digital Touch is not a dream, and it is probably possible to the imminent implementation for further fields of communication. Digital Touch is a simple and pleasant feature, which uses me perfectly in the framework of rapid response to Apple Watchu. I am sure that digital touch hides a much greater potential, which even asked to use. The question is whether Apple will benefit from it? Source: Bloomberg , Es K , BGR