A few days ago I got on Facebook amazing private message. He shows an I in the "Other" by what it saw relatively late. He sent it to me one of the readers who asked me to prepare a subjective list of the best free applications for video editing on Android and iOS'a.

The statement ended with a note that he would like to start making YouTube. That has a camera and all necessary equipment, but it overwhelm computer programs such as Sony Vegas or Camtasia Studio. I felt flustered and appreciated at the same time. He appreciated because someone wanted to write to me and considered me an expert on the subject. A flustered because already the first time I had to refuse. Free applications for video editing are very clumsy. They are bulky like a brush, parquet in painting Mother's Day puff. To apply a setting, effect, apply the filter, transition and improve the colors, we have a big screen with a pedantically accurate touch. Any smartphone falls at the start. It remains tablet size macro and the latest generation. Otherwise you do not hit, you omsknie finger. Rather than raise the bass and increase the number of decibels of your audio track, it will be removed. A plugging the application renderu your watermark and make your production silent, black-and-white film. That's what it runs out, it's Charlie Chaplin. I can not elaborate ranking. If I had it made, you would call me zgorzknialcem. Any of the applications would still take in the first place. And for me, all should vegetate ex aequo on the last. Editing movies on your mobile device is as voluntary incapacitation. There is always a hint of the uncertainty and the awareness that not everything depends on you. When you create a work like puzzle pieces on a PC or laptop, I take care of the smallest detail. You are the creator, the largest and the only power mover. You can make something out of nothing. You create diagrams, and no fools in does not fit. Installation in Vegasie is not easy. But he is grateful and working on it can be called an artist. When you have worked for a long stage of learning from their mistakes, the program will become a place for you to unlimited expression. If you want to dump the burden of production for mobile applications you can not learn anything. You'll be standing in place and chose the simplest functions. The more extravagant are either paid or overload your equipment, they will give you up to three seconds to say goodbye to the progress of the work, and emergency shut Apke. If you can succeed, however, you use them confidently and so explosive combination of your unruly fingers and average touch, will give you at least a dozen blunders. Poor quality video and white fever viewers of your channel brick. Bury!