One of the main slogans of recent years related to the iPhone claims that smartphones from Apple simply work without problems. According to a new study shows, however, that it is the Android software is currently more stable than iOS.

One of the phrases that attracted customers around the world in recent years was: it just works. Apple actually promoted this type of philosophy, which is a system that has no problem with the notification, liquidity and other relevant elements. In its latest report called State of Mobile and Device Performance, Brand Blancco Technology Group says, however, that it is totally different . It is now Apple must improve their software so that it can catch up with the Android system.

A handful of statistics

Blancco reports that 58 percent of all mobile devices running Apple diagnostic device crashed or specific errors. And how is it for Android? Green little robot breaks down at the same time slightly less, because the 35 percent level. Sixty-five percent of the cases in which the iPhone underwent failure occurred by poorly written applications, and issues connecting to Wi-Fi only accounted for 11 percent of cases. Data transmission or radio smartphone wailed only four percent. What is the cause of almost dramatic increase in crashes and equipment failure iOS? It is a question difficult to determine, however, can be made on several factors: first, old and already a bit worn device, and the second major participation of users in the beta, systems such as iOS even 10. Among the problems Apple and the applications that they caused , the first places is snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Android on the other hand, had more problems with the native applications on the "core" of the operating system (it's new). Among them, you can confidently exchange Services Google Play, Google synchronization and address book. It is worth mentioning, however, that failure Android decreased during the last quarter by almost 9 percent, indicating that Google actually fixes bugs in your operating system.

Fewer restrictions = more stability?

Currently Android has to cope better than iOS, and this is related to direct policies promoted by both manufacturers. As is well known for a long time, Google gives you a little more freedom for developers and itself does not impose specific patterns of users. It only shows that the trust is able to translate into lower failure and crash devices. On the other hand, users buying appliances Apple, unfortunately, have to deal with some problems that will be probably solved in the near future. Of all the tested devices with Android smartphones fared the worst one brand. What? Blancco admitted without beating. It is about … Samsung devices.