Managed to. Collection crowdfundingowa the site enable the creation of virtual reality goggles Polish DreamzVR – makers reached the expected quota ceiling. Time for another VR goggles marked "Made in Poland".

About a month ago I mentioned to you that the site began crowdfundingowa campaign, which aims to create a virtual reality goggles Polish DreamzVR. Today we know that the whole action was successful and shows that the goggles DreamzVR soon will be at your fingertips. YouTube Preview Image The originators of the project was announced on the campaign website that they just realized the first goal of the campaign, which means that the new Dreamzy will go to you even in September. Recall that the creators DreamzVR first in the world to propose a complete kit that will run our favorite games in VR mode. We are talking about games such as The Witcher, Doom 3, CS GO or Gothic. In addition, the goggles are to be equipped with an adjustable Fresnel lens system, through which we offer the widest viewing angle. crowdfundingowa campaign still continues. Currently already collected over 34 thousand, while the end of the campaign, there is still 14 days. For a set of goggles DreamzVR version 2.0 of the logo / name / word and software for streaming PC games in VR mode now we pay 250 dollars. Here a small test goggles: YouTube Preview Image Source: VRhunters , WspieramTO .