Apple takes over more of the brands that are responsible for health and its monitoring. This time it fell on startup Gliimpse, which allows patients to quite a number of things related to medical records.

Apple every step takes a new brand or simply looking for ways on how to develop their health infrastructure. It is already known that the brand of Cupertino has even special laboratories, which conducts tests on volunteers and measure their vital signs. To all this we can add the platform health and HealthKit, as well as several recent acquisitions, which confirm that Apple really takes health seriously. Gliimpse had no comment same business transaction, but sources say that the acquisition took place some time ago – even possible that at the beginning of the year. Information of this type comes directly portal Fast Company – editors argue that received general data this topic and the opinion of Apple. It is known, however, that US giant buys smaller technology companies from time to time and this does not boast or discuss on the topic. It is not difficult to imagine how Gliimpse can integrate with existing services of Apple, it's very simple. According to the data, Gliimpse allows the aggregation of personal data and health from various websites and allows to keep it in one particular place. It is as if we had our results, doctor visits and other data contained in one place – a simple idea, but effective. You to all of this has full control over their medical data and can share them with doctors, family, carers and other selected individuals. Can the transfer Gliimpse will lead to the creation of entirely new services and medical applications? Very possible. The platform Apple seems to really grow quickly and soon Tim Cook will announce from the stage next, interesting news.