It is true that the Olympic Games in Rio is behind us, but the networks seem to flow further information about their successors, or sports event, which will be held for four years in Tokyo. At the next Olympics athletes can receive medals, which will be made from recycled … smartphones.

Japan in 2020, plans to create medals that base will be processed smartphones recycled. Summer Olympics will be able to so characterize a really big dose of originality: in addition to medals, the Japanese television will broadcast them well in the test, a vast 8K resolution. But returning to the smartphone. Looking at the materials used to create them, no problem can again recover enough gold, silver and copper, in order to meet the demand for medals. In Japan alone, every year throws up the trash around 650 thousand tons of small or large electrical devices that can be recycled. The country itself usually uses metals from electronic waste to create new equipment and infrastructure – such an approach to values ​​and you can see that the Japanese really want to save. Typically, medals, which are designed for the Olympics comes from mining companies and what exactly they choose to provide. In fact, this type of action, which I mentioned above would be the first time in history, when the host of the event would have made ​​the creation of medals distributed among the best athletes. If this method is successful, it soon we can see more and more of this type of action, not only from the Japanese. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what smartphones will be used for recycling, but can be expected that those with aluminum and metal casing and specific components allow for the recovery of gold, silver, or between. Summer Games promise to be so really interesting.