Do you like to watch designs and prototypes of new devices? I like very much, but every time I am aware that the model, which just does not look or go into production or be somehow changed and may thus lose the appeal, or will go on sale in the distant future. In short: looking for something not available. But usually interesting – the best example is the Nokia smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and the Windows Phone platform.

Nokia's smartphone design with a QWERTY keyboard and the Windows Phone platform / Fig. YankoDesign

project appeared on the popular website Yanko Design (there you will find more images) and immediately sparked debate on the Internet. Give it a particular person who can not get used to the touch screen and wait for a good model with a QWERTY keyboard. And this is less and less – even RIM is slowly withdrawn from the equipment and puts on large displays. Nokia had already offers smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, but they did not have on-board Windows Phone platform. Therefore it would be a completely new and very interesting experiment. I suspect that the equipment would be of interest to the media, testers and end customers. Probably would not have been hit sales, but would take care to offer the manufacturer. And this is also a very important task. What do you think? Source: YankoDesign