Microsoft once again has another, somewhat odd plans that directly affect the mobile operating system. This time, the network appeared rumors, according to which the American company plans to change the name of its software.

The strategy of Microsoft, which concerns the mobile operating system is very strange. It did not work with applications, because an American company trying to do anything else to attract to each user. From the beginning and the release of Windows 10, Microsoft put on the universal environment, which is to allow applications to run on both the desktop and on smartphones and tablets. In the network appeared, however, rumors according to which the Redmond giant intends to change the name of its mobile operating system. So why would Microsoft do this? Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are the two names that everyone associated with the mobile system from Microsoft. What truth can no longer be as strong as ever, but the ecosystem continues to operate under the nomenclature of Windows 10. To distinguish between all versions, Microsoft decided to add a postscript to the name "mobile", which received 10 Windows Mobile. How, then, would be called the next version, or compile the system? According to Paul Thurotta , the new name is to appear as: Windows 10 for Phones. The whole situation would arise from a strange and somewhat incoherent policy Microsoft, who has a problem with finding and sticking to a single name. It must be remembered that this is only a rumor and it is unclear whether Microsoft plans in this regard any changes. Currently, sales of smart phones and the outflow of users do not bode well for the American brand. If so it would decide on the development of new software under a new name, it could leave her for good. At least for a while.