Apple bought the brand Turi, who can help the company from Cupertino develop artificial intelligence and personal assistant on mobile devices.

Currently, Apple doubles and triples to Siri, an intelligent assistant that is in iOS to compete with solutions like Google Now and even Cortana from Microsoft. All major manufacturers know that it is intelligent assistants is the future of mobile devices, and more. With these solutions, you can more easily handle the smartphone, and perform more actions without touching the phone. Intelligent assistants may also assist the blind and those who have certain health reasons may have problems with support for all gadgets. Apple acquired the company Turi , which has its headquarters in Seatlle – according to western sources, the Cupertino company has paid for the startup of about $ 200 million. Although Apple has not confirmed officially, that the Turi acquired, but this is the standard behavior of the American company. Giant often buys smaller companies and does not explain why he did it – just Apple will work instead of needlessly discuss the matter. The acquisition of Turi is another step Apple to enter fully into artificial intelligence and solutions that are specific to shape the future of Siri as an autonomous, independent assistant . This move also shows that Apple decides to proven brand. Before buying, Turi really growing and gaining in popularity. It is true that the company struggled with a number of legal problems, but it seems that it should not have to worry about all this. Each person who worked in Turi will now be dealt with on their responsibilities in Apple – the only question is, how they will change and what exactly will be dealt with on the sidelines of engineers in Cupertino. As for the company itself Turi, it has so far dealt with it the creation of applications that used the learning machine allowing artificial intelligence to interpret and understand the data that is entered by the user or other algorithms associated with the application. Is Siri waiting for important news? this we know you probably few weeks.