You buy over the Internet? eBay and Alibaba launch just shops VR, in which (thanks Goggles virtual reality), you can see detailed store produced in the form of 3D models. Alibaba even lets you preview underwear on virtual modelkach.

The Australian branch of eBay with a local retail chain Myer released an application on the VR goggles type Cardboard through which we have the opportunity to take a look at selected products presented in the form of 3D models – this applies to about 100 the most popular products from over 12,000 available in the store. And so it looks more or less … YouTube Preview Image Travel shop is done using head movements – just pointing at him and wait. The application will then display additional information such as size, price, availability, shipping options and specifications. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a solution it was possible to test for us. Shop is available so far only for people living in Australia. went a step further Chinese online store Alibaba, who presented the platform Buy +. As part of its capacity, it is possible to browse products such as handbags, shoes, underwear and clothing on virtual modelkach. YouTube Preview Image Engineer at GnomeMagic Lab that develops technologies for the sales platform Ali Baba – Zhao Haiping said that in the near future we will be able to experience shopping at the famous New York's Fifth Avenue. All without leaving home. What do you say? Source: VRhunters .