Presenting the latest quarterly results Microsoft has not specified the number of sold smartphones Lumia. These data were reached in a different way, and as it turns out in this period, they ended up in the pockets of … 1.2 million customers.

Sharing the results for the second quarter of this year (last quarter of the fiscal year), Microsoft has decided not to give the exact number of sales in that period Lumia smartphones, confining to the financial results. However, as is often the case, these data were able to reach otherwise. In documentation provided to the SEC (The US Securities and Exchange Commission) Microsoft said that in the last fiscal year shipped more 13.8 million smartphones Lumia. Service Windows Central decided a little poodejmować and as it turns out in the second calendar quarter of this year, only 1.2 million Lumii went to new owners. In order to realize the scale of this defeat just recall the example of LG G5, which sell for almost twice higher than all smartphones Lumia combined It turned out to be a disappointment for the Korean manufacturer. However, in this case, much depends on the ambition of the manufacturer and if LG really took the poor sales of its flagship, so Microsoft is fully aware of its marginal importance of this market and with this simply resigned. Source: Windows Central