At the World Youth Day in Krakow rolled off the many foreigners who are trying to maintain contact with the family must register the purchased prepaid card, which causes the queue for operators – but not all.

World Youth Day is not only a celebration of Christians, but also a great challenge organizational and logistical. Interestingly a lot of work also have operators. For a few days there is a new Anti-Terror Law, which requires the registration of prepaid cards. A huge number of foreign pilgrims in our editorial Krakow, wanting to keep in touch with family, must, therefore, after the purchase of the SIM card to your service provider, which has caused considerable queues in showrooms Play, T-Mobile, and especially in Orange, which mobilized into action the entire staff. Only Sale Plus reportedly were empty. In my opinion this should not be in any way explain the least attractive offer Plus, and more recognizability rivals. French Orange and German T-Mobile are known in many regions around the world, and Play striking colors and is fairly fresh, youth ,, '' name, plus so inevitably doomed to failure. Source: Official Polish