The shop windows began to haunt us again New Year promotions. Will Polish operators have for us on this issue interesting offers? Let's find out. Today, a brief overview of the latest offers. So let's get started!

What's interesting for us are the operators? / Photo by raven, Fotolia


Nokia Lumia 610 / press release photo

Plus has prepared for us a new promotion known as "deny you give? DAM." So we offer phones at discounted prices and offers us a well-known (such as MIX, and subscription). The full range, price list and we can read the rules, of course, the the producer . Theoretically, the promotion seems to be interesting and attractive. However, I personally do not związałbym for example, in a three-year Multi-ie contract just to get promoted in the media as the Nokia Lumia 610 Plus for rallies. After browsing a network, you can buy it now for a really decent money.


Sony Xperia T / photo producer

French operator fails. Prepared for us an interesting price reductions offers promoted mainly for subscription ( HERE ). Among the models were discounted such headphones, like Sony Xperia T, the Samsung Galaxy S III and LG Swift L9. It is worth mentioning that the promotions apply to contracts for two years, so I do not need to be connected for a long time to get a reasonable price (as is the case in some instances in Plus).


Samsung Galaxy S Advance / Photo by Samsung

What about the play? As the saying goes – "bida". Glancing HERE as indicated we still offer "Christmas FORMULA at Play." We know it well already and look forward to new and interesting offer from the operator. Competition does not sleep, so you need to act. This operator is known for its good, great promotion, so I hope that the new will not have to wait long.


Nokia Asha 203 / Photo by manufacturer

T-Mobile continues its already started before Christmas sale phones. We deal with headphones coming from the repayment from customers who rozmyślili within 10 days of purchase. Are covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty. Experts T-Mobile, as I mentioned to you, check them carefully before the sale, that they were not any device that in some way would not be efficient. promotion must enjoy quite popular with customers, if the operator has not yet decided at the end.