T-Mobile has decided to apologize to its customers for the latest failure of the free package on the internet. Each client will receive a 10 GB every weekend until the end of this month.

In the last few days we had to deal with two network failures, first in Orange, and then at T-Mobile. Orange apologized to its customers free internet over the weekend, and on their way they do it now Pink.

Following the accident, we have a gift for you. 10 gb the net every Saturday and Sunday until the end of July! 🙂 https://t.co/jmvK7FNWgT pic.twitter.com/lVgLCoeXvs

– T-Mobile Poland (@TMobilePolska) July 12, 2016

T-Mobile announced that an apology every customer network (including Heyah) will receive 10 GB of free Internet package every weekend until the end of this month, and so for the next three Saturdays and Sundays. In total up for grabs is thus 30 GB. The package will be automatically turned to each user by the operator, so you do not have to do it alone on this issue to do. By the way, I wonder why T-Mobile offered enough insurance package Internet (this is not a complaint, but rather curiosity). Could operator scared example, the user Orange network, which over the weekend unlimited internet downloaded up to 373.2 GB of data?