Virtual reality and video shot in 360 degrees are becoming more common. This gadget will allow your smartphone with an apple logo to create similar materials.

VR and films in the 360-degrees is already a reality, and even the future of materials, which will appear on the web. Casual users are not carrying However, cameras that are capable of recording an image of this type in a single motion. Insta360 Nano has solved this problem – for the moment only for owners of smartphones with an apple logo. So how does exactly this device? YouTube Preview Image Gadget and the entire device works in a very simple way. When connected to a smartphone, the equipment evaporates front and rear cam creating a 210-degree images similar to a fish-eye – everything is done via connector Lightning and a special plug. This simply means that Insta360 Nano is simply a camera which, when connected to the iPhone work with built-in by the manufacturer of the equipment. All this also means that during the recording you have to keep your phone upside down – it seems to me, however, that the end result is worth the most. The camera combines all the panoramic images in real time, and therefore does not require treatment or any post-production on the computer or with other software – after shooting, the video is basically instantly ready for sharing in social media or network. Insta 360 Nano is capable of recording with a maximum resolution of 3K at constant 30 frames per second. Below you can see a short sample video Insta360 Nano, which can be seen in the 360-degree course with a compatible browser or other devices. YouTube Preview Image alone recording requires holding the phone upside down, but the playback screen automatically rotates – fortunately. Insta360 Nano is available for $ 199 in silver, gray, black, gold and pink. The company intends to begin shipping the equipment already on July 15 for now you can order the gadget in presale.