It would seem that the stolen iPhone is not suitable for sale. As it turned out – wyłudzono password stolen iPhone by phishing'owy attack.

It would seem that the stolen iPhone is not suitable for sale. The chances that a thief guess the code screen lock are extremely scarce, and even if it still will not be able device is locked reinstall the operating system without knowing the password AppleID. Practice, however, shows that there is a way and that. As it turns criminals use phishing'owe attacks aim to steal data to unlock and disconnect from the user account stolen iPhone. As reported by the service Niebezpiecznik, criminals send users stolen iPhones SMS with information on the alleged locating device and a link to a fake site service Find My iPhone. Logging on to that page to provide thieves login and password to an Apple ID, or to iCloud, so enabling release of the stolen iPhone and disconnect the service Find My iPhone.


Where the criminals have a new phone number of the victim in this case? Phone number of the victim usually is displayed on the lock screen of the iPhone lost in the message asking you to contact us in case of his find. Thieves can use all sorts of fake sites masquerade as Find My iPhone. In this case, given in the SMS address is (large and small, instead of l) and not According to Niebezpiecznik, criminals are held by a number of other addresses designed to mislead users. Source: Niebezpiecznik.