Xiaomi is currently the largest Chinese manufacturer. Sales results for the second quarter of this year also speak for themselves.

Xiaomi was the biggest and the best-selling manufacturer of smartphones in China in 2015. Close second place was ranked Huawei – both brands have long been fighting each other in the Asian market. According to the latest market information, Xiaomi is still in the lead and it looks like that company managed to increase sales in the second quarter of this year, which in essence means that the Chinese brand does not have to deal already with some problems, which had in the past. Today, Xiaomi has a growing production capacity, which could translate into trouble meeting the needs of mobile devices on the market. The company aims to present a bunch of smartphones this year and almost always quickly sold the first batch, mainly due to the mentioned, the growing demand. Some time ago, the brand has invested Inventec, thereby allowing the ability to create smartphones jumped bar above. Currently, according to analysts, Xiaomi is able to produce about a million smartphones Mi 5 in one month. With all this in mind, it seems that Lei Jun has helped the company to increase not only the revenue and also to develop its infrastructure. According to the secretary involved in the market of smartphones in China, shipping equipment from Xiaomi significantly improved in the second quarter of this year. Xiaomi manage to sell about 6 million units each month. Soon we will also see two new models of Xiaomi, which only show that the brand is able to actually produce more smartphones. This time, the Chinese giant is going to put fully into the open sale, and analysts predict that despite the manufacturer fails to meet demand for its new flagship. Xiaomi is a real monster, which probably goes after his consistently determined way. Does the company would therefore have a chance exist more in the minds of consumers in other global markets?