It seems that Samsung and OnePlus are not the only brands that wish for good break free from Google. This group may have in fact soon join and Huawei.

Currently OnePlus and Samsung have their own operating systems, but the other with brands continue using Google solutions – provide last appearing on the network say, however, that will change soon. Sources from the networks also provide new information, according to which that Huawei would work on your operating system for complete independence from the American giant. All this control being imposed by Google, both Nexus and OEM partners. To some degree, fear of big brands is understandable. Google Android has built on the foundation of openness while allowing brands to transform it according to their preferences and goals – all of this happened, however, both a boon and bane, as a result of the diversity and fragmentation of mobile devices that month after month is just … weak. On the other hand, the decision to release the Android is questionable and is not a good choice for both customers and companies cooperating every day with Huawei. Create another operating system, which has no roots in Android, automatically cuts off hundreds if not thousands of applications and games available in the market – especially the most popular and used by users every day. Never mind that everyone will have to get used to the new interface – compared to Huawei, the Tizen from Samsung has an advantage in terms of application. In an ideal world, both Google and its partners will be able to resolve problems to the benefit of both parties. Unfortunately, we live in a world that needs compromises. The creators of independent software like even Cyanogen, will continue to try to get rid of Google at the same time without sacrificing Android. It is not clear at the moment what odkładnie plans to Huawei. More than the full independence of the company rather creates a plan B, which will survive in the future. What would happen? Sami see.