The latest analysis showed that in 2015. Poland had more than 8.8 million SIM cards, which nobody used for at least 3 months.

The analysis of active SIM cards by the Office of Electronic Communications shows that in 2015. In the telecommunications market in Poland was more than 8.8 million so-called. "Dead souls", ie users who within 3 months is not done, and did not receive any calls or SMS / MMS, or joined to the Internet via a mobile device. Marketers planning to operation using the SMS service through the HLR (Home Location Register) can see, among others, the camera subscriber is currently enabled or disabled. This allows you to optimally prepare the base numbers for mass SMS. HLR technology provides automatic checking the validity of any mobile phone number in the GSM network, including to determine whether the number does not exist, or is not used a landline number, without revealing any information about the client mobile. With the marketer can remove invalid entries from its database, so that it contained only the correct numbers. Such treatment can significantly reduce the cost of the SMS campaign and translate into a higher return on investment in such activities. The data UKE shows that in 2015 on the Polish market, was available to 56.6 million SIM cards including a card M2M (machine-2-machine) used primarily for data transfer and pre-paid cards and post-paid. Analysis of UKE indicates that the falling number of cards used in the model of pre-paid cards and the growing popularity of post-paid. This is a change compared to past years, when the pre-paid offer attracted much more interest.

The number of SIM cards indicated by the UKE is impressive and shows the potential of SMS marketing services. In the end, for every active SIM card is a user who may be interested in the offer presented in the message. It is worth checking before shipment, or at base numbers are "dead souls", that is, users who are not using their SIM cards for at least three months. Verification number base technology HLR in some cases can reduce the cost of the SMS campaign, even by several percent.

– Marcin Papiński, Manager. Development at Infobip. HLR stands for Home Location Register, indicating a record of all the numbers registered in the GSM network. HLR holds information about the identifiers of SIM cards subscriber (IMSI) and phone numbers (MSISDN). HLR lookup service company Infobip connects to the home cellular network operator and the subscriber checks whether the camera operates in roaming and whether it is currently active or may have been turned off. Additionally, it is able to provide information about the original and currently used network subscriber. Source: press release