New reports indicate that in the future Tizen could become actual rival for Android. This is not the first time we hear such rumors.

Some time ago in the network appeared rumors about the fact that Samsung actually is trying to aggressively grow its Tizen operating system in order to be able to fight with Android from Google – or see it on smartphones? This, however, is not known, although reported the site Korea Times (which worked well in the past), the Korean company has bet everything on one card. Tizen may find yourself so all products Samsung. Creator of leakage refers to the words of a high-ranking manager at Samsung Electronics. Korea Times tells us that the company is going to give up dependence on Android and Google at the same time putting on your own system – this is not the first such incident since much like once did the Chinese OnePlus. A person who is being questioned in an interview had said that if the company does not have its own ecosystem, it nei has no future. Tizen will be a platform that is not only used in mobile devices. To some extent, they have a sense if Samsung really wants to connect all of your devices. The conversation fell the word about the fact that the industry has to move away from specific sales solutions, therefore Tizen could better develop over time. Samsung has already introduced for the sale of a portion of the products of this system, but they have had greater success on a massive scale. Interestingly, in the first quarter of 2016, India sold 64 million smartphones Tizen – this is a different market from that of Europe or the US, but you can not overestimate the impact of this system to the mobile devices. It seems that it is actually something on things and Samsung may want to become even more powerful abandoning solutions from Google. The only question is how consumers react to it?