According to recent forecasts of market sales smartfon'ów starts to resemble a soap bubble that could soon burst. Do producers have no new ideas? Frankly, I doubt that they wanted to get "the pocket" …

Gartner predicts that the market smartfon'ów slowly begins to saturate. According to their forecasts, in 2016. Growth in phone sales will be about half that in 2015. r.Wszystko indicates that such a scenario could work. Gartner predicts that this time it will amount to 7 percent, while in 2015 there was an increase of 14.4 percent, and in 2010 – 73 percent. Had the market smartfon'ów slowly saturate?

Samsung at MWC 2016 / fot.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics in the first quarter. This year. the supply of smartphones in the world decreased by 3 percent. a year earlier, reaching a size of 335 million units. According to analysts reason for the decrease is the saturation in most markets, as well as consumer concern about the future of the world economy. In addition, major manufacturers – Samsung and Apple, have to contend with increasing competition in China from domestic brands.
"Consumers are becoming more aware and are looking for alternatives, and therefore cheaper ways to buy a smartphone, using, among others, with e-commerce. In 2015. Sales of smart phones in the channel e-commerce increased by as much as 65 percent. The end of the year in this way will be purchased up to 12 per cent. of all smartphones "- Ryan Reith, head of Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, IDC.

An interesting financial forecast were also submitted by Sony for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2017, revealing interesting information about expected sales of its smartphones. The report that shows that Sony expects to deliver to the market about 20 million smartphones, which will translate into a 20% decrease relative to the Xperia 24.9 million a year ago. This is to be the effect of changing the company's strategy, which intends to restrict the sale of unprofitable regions, and focus on higher-end devices. Sony predicts that the total value of sales will be 940 billion yen, which is 17% less year-on-year, but at the same time expected 5 billion yen profit, compared to a 61.4 billion yen loss last fiscal year.

Sony at MWC 2016 / fot.

IDC notes that Apple in 2016. No longer will record such success two years ago and in 2015. When introduced, among others, iPhone Plus series. Sales will fall by 2 percent. 227 million (compared to 232 million last year). The reflection should take place only in 2017. With the spread of the subscription program exchange equipment is beyond dispute that smartfon'y is still a big business, but this does not surprise me that the market finally has to note a decline in sales. It is not without significance for the situation of the industry is also changing customer preferences – go from two-year contracts with operators for monthly fees or independent of purchase, especially with the platform and e-commerce, offer more favorable prices. It is also true that the new smartphones do not offer many innovative features and solutions that are important to customers and actually stood them against the older models. For this reason, many people decide not to exchange their devices for at least two years. Perhaps the recent reports that Samsung is working on a phone with a flap (equipped with Android) concerns precisely among others this problem – lack of innovation, and such a solution (roots) could encourage a certain percentage of customers to buy. Finally, it is worth paying attention to another part of the Gartner report, according to which salvation seem to be African countries and India, but put the device there must be affordable. Average price amount that Indians spend on mobile, is not more than $ 70. However, once these markets and to be satisfied, and that's unavoidable … At the end I will add only that the analysts from Gartner suggest that there was an increase in sales of mobile stops in five years. The end of the "golden years" for manufacturers smartfon'ów ?