The creators of one of the most popular Android modifications announced the official return.

Among the modifications of Android you will find many suggestions: XDA forum is open and includes a more or less complex systems that virtually anyone can upload to your device. Some time ago, a team of developers involved in the modification of the Paranoid Android announced that it has no intention to continue to create their software: it turns out that is not true. Freaky Android will return soon and officially know which devices it can be easily installed. Last Modified Paranoid Android was based fully on Android version 5.1 and was released in July last year. After this time the developers have gone under the wing of OnePlus, the project was suspended, and the users themselves and other independent developers began to forget about it. Paranoid Android is back and brings with him a sizeable pack of news.

fot. Paranoid Android

Fans modification need not therefore have to look for alternatives. Improvements went through to opening application windows, which can henceforth freely position on the screen. They improved the immersive mode, which is drawn from the menu unanswered notifications and quick settings. The creators decided to also upgrade options directly related to the power settings, and also to provide support to the update Over The Air. It's just part of the changes, which is really a hell more. Developers responsible for the Paranoid Android also decided to refresh the visual and make that it will be more user friendly. The creators focused on the icons of the system, ensuring a comfortable interaction and also took care to provide new wallpapers designed to fit into the entire system. All software is based on Android 6.0, and I myself am curious whether developers will continue their work on Android N – I think that's what will be. Who, however, it is designed to modify? So far only for smartphones, such as:
  • Nexus: 6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 and 9 2,013
  • One Plus One, 2, and X

In the official specification there are also some models from Sony. For more information about the new Paranoid Android can find on the official website modification.