Google's new feature is to allow even greater interference with lost or stolen Android smartphone. With this functionality our smartphone will become just … useless. How it's working?

At this moment in a case in which someone steals from us, or simply lose our device you have several options: more or less effective. One of them is the location of the device using the tools provided by Google and any erase its memory. editors at Android Police have found a code AOSP mention of a completely new solution, which may be launched in the autumn in the Android N. According to new data, users will be able to retroactively without any problem … it uceglić and make that it becomes simply useless. It does not matter which hand will go. Sometimes it actually erase the data is not enough. The thief will easily be able to recover some information directly stored in memory – even at the point where he decides to re-install the operating system. Interestingly, the information contained in the AOSP Android code and reveal information about a new feature, which easily allows manufacturers to allocate and define partitions that can be erased with a single push of a button. The matter is not limited only to the internal memory of the device – code also says about individual SD cards placed in the middle of the device. When initiated by the user operation, "reset", both internal memory and SD card will be saved to a string of zeros, which is a safer solution associated with the removal of data, than using just the normal formatting. It is possible that the use of these types of features would also restore user data without the use of any additional hardware. It's all but "what if", which for now has nothing to do with reality. At the moment we have no information about when or even if Google plans to implement this feature to Android. However, given the fact that a lot of things that appear in the code was implemented over time, we can expect that Google will put on increasing the safety of users – from this point the competition will be able to start worrying about their solutions. Sorry possible recovery of data after ucegleniu and saving disk with zeros, it's more work than just writing a few lines of simple code – US giant certainly aware of that. It is very possible that the new feature will visit the Android N, but I would not be so sure. Perhaps it is this safety feature will flavor and a bargaining chip aimed to lure users with the release of a newer version of Android? For more information, we will unfortunately have to wait.