Qualcomm expands its portfolio with another system, which is designed for devices ubieralnych. What specifically is characterized by the processor and the equipment which will later this year?

Qualcomm introduced a further processor geared toward devices ubieralnych. The new model has been marked as Snapdragon processor Wear 1100. Sam has found application in outfits that do not require high computing power: we are talking specifically about intelligent trims and accessories that allow to study and monitor some of life as well as sports activities performed by the user. Earlier this year, Qualcomm introduced its Snapdragon system Wear 2100 which from the outset was intended for smart watches. The company is expanding its line of chips for devices ubieralnych for another model, and I wonder whether it is intended for all, or maybe for a more "budget" devices, which usually do not have to brag about the great specifications and capabilities. While we know that the model Wear 1100 has to be smaller, simpler and more energy-efficient among all the available deals Qualcomm. American manufacturer announced that same design the chip to be about 50% smaller than previous products, but not explained exactly by which they mean. Unfortunately, we also have information on what cores are used to work in this model, although I suspect that this is simply a classic Cortex-A7, which we find also in Snapdragonie Wear 2100. In addition to the core system find a GPS and other facilities allowing even to take advantage of 3G or LTE. Connectivity with other devices is to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Qualcomm also boasts a new engine Izat that allows you to track the location of your device without overloading the battery. The processor also features a hardware random number generator, and a cryptographic engine ARM TrustZone. The first products using the new processor Qualcomm to appear on sale by the end of this year. So we have to be patient and wait to see what exactly they are going to show us manufacture.