Samsung came up with an interesting idea, as most resistant to encourage customers to upgrade smartphones – the people of India in return may receive a coupon for pizza! May a similar program the company offered their own developers.

Fragmentation and slow updates in the world of Android is a real plague, but it is up to the user, whether it bothers him or not. However, it began to interfere with American committees FTC and FCC, which together have decided to check why the producers are delaying providing security updates for its Android smartphones. Google also plans to work to improve the situation in this field, and as it turns out similar plans has the Samsung, although in this case is primarily about belief unconverted – and in a very unusual way.

Fig. @Rakesh

As surely as I know this is not always the manufacturer it is to blame, that specific smartphones working under an earlier version of the system than the officially released, since many users do not know or do not want to know about her and the rest of deliberately not installed in accordance with the principle of ,, if something works, why change it? ''. And just those you want to persuade Samsung to change his mind, handing out … 20% discount coupon for Dominos pizza parlor. Unfortunately, as reported the Android Authority program is available only in India and has simply been noticed by users of smartphones from Samsung. It is not known whether this is a test, to later introduce a similar program in other markets, or perhaps a one-time action for local customers. Either way Samsung could perform a similar action among their developers, because the rate of sharing updates by the manufacturer is not the best. After all, it's always a good sign – Koreans clearly begins to depend on the presence of new software on their smartphones. At least for now.