Ubieralne devices are selling so poorly that the Jawbone brand has decided to withdraw from the market. What successive producers?

Last year was a real boom associated with the bands having allow to measure your pulse, steps or calculating calories by using special algorithms. Smartbandy recorded the quality of sleep, allowed to receive notifications and really … a little more. Poor functionality tempted, however, a large user base, but looking at the new reports, the fashion for intelligent band gradually expires – to the extent that the Jawbone brand in connection with the competition and low interest began to grapple with the problems. After a few months, it turned out that the company has stopped production of its bands and now intends to completely withdraw from the market the branches responsible for wearables. A few months ago, the network appeared reports that talked about the fact that the Jawbone is looking for a buyer for his share of wireless speakers – such a decision would allow the brand to focus on fitness trackers and smart wristbands. It turns out, however, that the company is in serious trouble, and all production lines responsible for smart wristbands have been suspended until further notice. Interestingly, in addition to stop production, all models of sports such as Jawbone Up2, Up3 whether Up4 were sold with applicable discount. This type of move was necessary for this to keep the business on the surface and allow it to survive the crisis. How it came out? This probably we will find out in the near future.

fot. jawbone

It remains to answer the question of why there has been such a situation? This is not yet known. Wearables market is growing rapidly in the last few years, and the same models Jawbone UP could not find among tons of other accessories. Currently it Fitbit dominates in this branch of the market without letting the rest of the competition to perform more aggressive movement aimed at scooping clients and to offer them a completely different solutions. It is very possible that the Jawbone will withdraw from wearables once and for all, although there is still a chance that the brand will resume production at some point in the near future. Subsequent leaks also say the fact that the Jawbone is currently working on his latest accessory to be an advanced tracker, far exceeding the capabilities of Sony, Fitbit and other brands. Personally, I am curious to see how things further fate Jawbone'a, but I would like to see concrete sales results confirm the theory that fashion wearables ends. As long as the band does not begin to offer more specific features that can compete with real sports watches, then the next they were embedded in a place with the opinion of equipment that really "nothing can." So far fitness trackers and smartbandy are just to drain our portfolio. Will it ever change?