That still was not! Already 12 days starts contest in which to win a trip in the footsteps of Angry Birds, that is … the Bahamas!

The competition is open to prepaid users in the Plus network, who will benefit from the latest promotion "Reservoir 5 GB" and perform Instagram competition task related to Angry Birds. Monday is available in positive territory promotion, in which customers services JA + The Card and JA + Internet on the card can receive a bonus of 5 GB to use for 30 days, and soon will begin a special competition, where the prize is a trip to the Bahamas! Competition "Playing for Bahamas" starts June 1 and to take part in it, simply:

  • turn the package Reservoir 5 GB accordance with the instructions on the,
  • downloaded to your device applications Boomerang and Instagram (if they are not present;)
  • go to or on Facebook or Instagram Plus and see the current animation with Angry Birds, and then burn the matching "boomerang"
  • recorded "boomerang" to share in your profile on Instagram and tag it hasztagiem #gramyobahamy.

The competition will run until July 1. Every week to win will match every call stretchy pouch with Angry Birds, and the main prize is a trip to the islands of the Bahamas.