Microsoft's mobile platform has just received another hefty blow – according to Gartner statistics for the first quarter of this year, the share of new smart phones running on this system … has fallen to 0.7%. Bad it was – now may be even worse.

Microsoft's report for the first quarter of 2016 years showed, in a terrible condition is a mobile platform for the US company. 2.3 million sold smartphones Lumia is obvious disaster that was reflected in the statistics from Gartner .

Fig. Gartner

Poor sales of smartphones Lumia, representing 97% of all smartphones with mobile Windows on board, caused a drop in the share of this platform in the first quarter of this year to a level of 0.7%, which is a clear decrease compared to the same period of the previous year, namely by 1.8 pp As you can see the bottom is getting closer and it's hard for me to imagine a situation where it would have to change. Fans of mobile tiles believe in the appearance of the legendary smartphone Surface, but his eventual debut will take place until next year, and looking at the dynamics of the decline is not difficult to conclude that it may already be too late. Do not get me wrong – I'm well aware of the fact that iOS and Android (which according to the table above significantly strengthened) need alternatives in the form of a third force, which will be even niche for this part of the customer, which these two systems for some reason, do not respond. However, Windows Phone / Windows Mobile 10 has already lost its chance, and on the horizon is difficult to find another alternative.