If you do not live in Hollywood, or at least you're not a famous celebrity, you do not count on life in the limelight. Unless zaopatrzysz in automatic Selfie stick unreal.

Unreal is nothing other than automatic sliding selfie stickie with mounted LED flash. With a set of appropriate lighting, self-portrait (almost) always go out brilliantly. But it is not everything. The gadget also has a built-in miniwiatraczki to dispel our hair – even during windless weather. Thanks to obtain selfie-style glamor, without Photoshop or even sheer instagramowego filter. Like other selfie stickie available on the market, Unreal connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The gadget was produced by Thinkmodo and looks really amazing. If you're a fan selfie, this might be the perfect equipment for you. … Or rather, it would be ideal equipment for you. At the moment there is no chance to buy their own copy selfie sticka unreal. The gadget has been created for a promotional campaign for the next season comedy series Unreal . Thinkmodo not going to make it to mass production. YouTube Preview Image In the past, the Internet has fared well with this type of adversity. It can be expected that at any moment Selfie stick Unreal hit on Kickstarter or other service crowdfundingowy. And there is the last straight to the shelves. Kupilibyście such a gadget?