A few days ago, news went around the world, which concluded that the patent war between Apple and Samsung may be about to end. Korean manufacturer withdrew the lawsuits from European courts, and representatives of the Asian giant argued that they want to compete with the American corporation in a floodplain, rather than using lawyers and patents. A lot of people paid attention to the fact that in the U.S. and Asia conflict is still going on and you should not expect the extinction. I think they were right.

This patent war has already become part of our reality / Fig. Junial Enterprises, Fotolia

This time the battle arena to serve two major manufacturers of South Korea. Samsung has accused Apple of violating patents in Notification Center, which is part of the iOS store. So far lacks details on this topic, but in fact, whether we need them? Delving into issues of patent and investigation to who, who and how cheated action is tedious, not to say pointless. It's a labyrinth, in which it is difficult to divide the company's "victims and aggressors." is interesting for that same attitude Samsung – first, the company argues that it depends on the "pure competition", and then makes another patent lawsuit. To be expected, but it is surprising such a short period of time between the two events. As you can see, the big business there is no room for sentiment and play according to certain rules. Retrieved appleinsider.com