From today, users of Mobile Vikings can top up your supercharged Play network – both via the Internet, as well as stationary points of sale. But that news did not end there.

From now on, users of Mobile Vikings will be able to fund your account supercharged Play network. You can do this not only on the Internet, but also through the electronic recharge on-line and by means of scratch cards available at points of sale. The Internet charge Play will be available at banks or popular websites with recharges. Topping channels of Play will only apply tariffs of voice. new way to recharge is not the only novelty introduced by the operator. Mobile Vikings Customers can order a free starter without having to simultaneously boost. The operator has prepared a 1000 free primers, which can be ordered at Mobile Vikings from today until the 31 days. In addition, users can recharge the Mobile Vikings account at the operator without having to log in. On the dedicated tab Buy account simply enter a phone number, and the system will automatically recognize whether it belongs to the Mobile Vikings.