I do not need you to say who was the first to design and present it to the public.

Some time ago the network began to appear about Valley Project, which is a code name of the first dual screen Samsung and possible folding smartphone, which was to appear in the last year. In fact, the very idea of ​​there above the sidelines, but has so far relied solely on leaks. The first attempt to produce a foldable smartphone on a massive scale were experimenting with devices Galaxy series – I do not have to mention that the Korean manufacturer has so far releasing two versions of smartphones to choose from: one of them has a "normal" shape while the other is based on a slightly curved screen allowing for entirely new possibilities of interaction. Another example is the popular former advertising Youm Display from Samsung, which you can see below. YouTube Preview Image According to a new report ETNews, Samsung is already working on a fully folding smartphone in three years – hard to believe, because the rumors and leaks about the Korean company coming online almost every single day. Had the corporation managed to keep this project until such a secret? I find it frankly unlikely, but I venture to say that that is the case. The report, which I mentioned to you above states that the device developed in secret can be a 5-inch smartphone that unfolded have worked as a 7-inch tablet. The vision quite futuristic, especially in technical terms, however, Samsung has partnered with brands that are able to obtained even if the prototype of the device. The first thing that came to my mind is the question of how the project will look like and how the manufacturer decides to put the components in order for everything to work smoothly – unfortunately, as long as it is for me to abstraction, but maybe some of you readers gsmManiaKa will be able to imagine.

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Foldable Samsung smartphone to be equipped with an OLED display, which allows you to fold it in half, like a regular wallet, so the same equipment would thus definitely easier to carry in your pocket. Samsung Display, which is the brand responsible for creating folding OLED displays today announced that it has finished the development of the first fully functioning prototype. Lee Chang-hoon, director of Samsung Display is pleased with the tasks that failed to perform the Korean company. The development of folding display takes place according to schedule and the same Samsung plans to begin mass production soon after establishing the details with potential business partners. In addition to the display, the company also has several other tasks, which will focus in the near future, before folding smartphone will go on sale on a massive scale. For now, Samsung filed patent applications for the various technologies that nicely dictate exactly what we can expect. According to experts, foldable smartphones can accelerate somewhat "zaśniedziały" current smartphone market. On the other hand, otherwise we smartphones have to be presented on the idea LG modular device whose components can be easily replaced. The company at the moment is struggling but with some problems of a technical nature and do not know when you really see the boom associated with the availability and the number of different modules to model G5. The end of the year and the first months of 2017 promises to be extremely interesting. Over the next months will observe further rumors of a mysterious Samsung smartphone, however, should take them with a grain of salt. Although when I think of a device that would allow the mobility of a smartphone at the same time allowing the distribution and enjoy media on a larger screen is … I am genuinely delighted and look forward to them with patience. The latter qualities, but we will all have to have no end.