Intel recently not doing so well, as if he had expected, and therefore plans to focus on developing the most business segments, abandoning the least profitable. For this reason, the mobile Intel officially passed into history.

Intel is power in the market of processors designed for PCs, but smartphones on the market situation is completely different – despite several attempts has failed odcisąć on it its stigma. I no longer able, as Intel officially resigned from this segment. A report published by analyst Patrick Moorhead says that under the new strategy, Intel gives up the development of projects related to the processors intended for mobile devices and inevitably forgive yourself this market, at least temporarily. The information was confirmed later the same manufacturer, and inform site AnandTech . Broxton ,, '' ,, and Sofia 'pass into history. Decision Intel can be a big problem for the company Asus, which even last year planned to make processors the company's major asset of its flagship smartphones. The problem could also have Microsoft because the mobile Intel chips could allow the creation of the legendary smartphone Surface. Americans will have to cope in a different way.