From today (30 April 2016) came into force a new, lower rates of roaming charges in the European Union. We have prepared the statement of fees in force at the offers of Polish operators to let you know how much you will pay during your stay abroad.

Orange Play Plus T-Mobile Virgin Mobile Red Bull MOBILE
Minute of an outgoing call 0,25 zł 0,25 zł 0,54 zł 0,25 zł 0,54 zł 0,25 zł
Minute of an incoming call 0,05 zł 0,05 zł 0,05 zł 0,05 zł 0,05 zł 0,05 zł
The fee for a text message (SMS) 0,10 zł 0.10 ZLL 0,30 zł 0,10 zł 0,19 zł 0,10 zł
Fee for a multimedia message (MMS) 0,25 zł 0,53 zł 0,65 zł to 100kb / 100kb above 1,00 zł 0,65 zł 0,25 zł 0,53 zł
Fee for packet data 0,25 zł per 1 MB 1,00 zł per 1 MB 1,00 zł per 1 MB 0,25 zł per 1 MB 0,25 zł per 1 MB 1,00 zł per 1 MB

Prices valid from April 30 this year, including VAT. The rates for services in roaming is associated with the currently owned service plan. The constant, however, is the amount of subsidies, and maximum charges are as follows:

  • fee per minute for calls made – 0,25 zł;
  • charge per minute for calls received – 0.05 zł;
  • charged for a text message (SMS) – 0,10 zł;
  • the fee for a multimedia message (MMS) – 0,25 zł;
  • fee for packet data transmission – 0,25 zł per 1 MB

Therefore, the fee in the Play network for the use of roaming services in the EU suck different (depending on the tariff) – this is dictated by changes in the law. Full price list of services in international roaming in the euro area of ​​30 April 2016 is available here . It is worth mentioning that the area of the EU includes the following countries: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Vatican, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Canary Islands. After June 15, 2017 persons became arriving at the European Union will pay for voice calls, text / multimedia and data the same as in your home country – at no extra charge.