That's all this is just the beginning of a huge platform and solutions to fully focus on our health.

Some time ago, Apple presented to the world S OLUTION named as Health, which was supposed to help in the development of products based on the health part of the daily interaction with technology. It happened exactly at the time when the market of mobile equipment saturate wszelakimi bands fitness and other gadgets designed for active people. I remember that when Apple wanted to join this group and bite something for everyone: the company's plans, however, focused on completely different, longer-term associated with the development platform and dedicated products oscillating around said health. At the outset, it appeared Health Kit, and today we are dealing with something as important: Apple officially released CareKit package, which from today will be the background and some kind of "support" for all future developments of the Cupertino company. In addition to software, users with devices with the apple logo will be able to also use the four boot application that landed in the App Store.

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CareKit is a new package that will allow developers to create applications that allow collect medical data – all this so that people can better understand their health and have adapted their everyday life to take care of them. The software also allow you to share easily all the data and to manage them directly to doctors or caregivers while helping in the diagnosis and treatment. To operate applications use sensors implemented in the Apple Watch and iPhone – each device can quite another. The same Apple hopes that CareKit will be used as intended. The main objective, which carries this set is shorter and bridging the time between visits to the doctor – hard to tell how it will look like in our country, but the more I suspect that just will not look. In the introduction on CareKit we read that the software was developed in order to not rely solely on visits to the doctor. From now on, each person will be able to individually track of your symptoms, medications, and share data with team doctors. All this for better health – or so says Apple. Because premiere CareKit in the App Store appeared four startup applications, which in a sense can be considered the test, however, are full versions, which in the future will be dynamically developed.

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The first is the Start , which is an application that enables to test for depression and later to allow tracking of progress in the treatment of patients who take medications on a permanent basis. Users through this application can set a reminder about taking drugs and also keep track of symptoms and side effects. The second program is the One Drop , which is software that allows you to track all the parameters associated with diabetes: we are talking about the level of glucose, food, medication and physical activity. The application is available for free and allows access to data also using the watch Apple Watch.

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Third apka it Glow Nurture for those women who are expecting a child. After logging in, the female part of the users can view thousands of articles relating to pregnancy, alerts and insights. The application is free, but the monthly fee is $ 8 – at this price people will have access to all possible functions. last application is Glow Baby , or something for babies and their parents. Glow lets you track your child's development in terms of food, sleep and keep a log of changes diapers and breastfeeding. Just as described above Nurture, the app is free, but requires a paid subscription to unleash their full potential.

Is all this safe?

The Cupertino company ensures that as much as possible and there is nothing to fear. All data available to applications is encrypted and the company lets you choose the information you want to track and virtually unaffected. Users are free to choose which data provide what applications, which we still have control over how our privacy – pretty good. In practice, however, we do not know how it will work. Whether the application will continue working, when we choose to conceal one of the data? It's hard to tell, and the first reactions we will have to wait a little longer.

Anyone can create CareKit

For application development, the matter is not quite so, as it always did at Apple. The American giant has decided that CareKit software is fully open-source, which simply means that everyone can have an impact on its development. That's not all. The move to open source software allows users to regular testing code and checking it for privacy. This time we are not dealing with a closed platform and something that is completely transparent – for me a great decision, which should entice many people to try out the new package. Code and all necessary libraries have been available to dedicated page on the site GitHub. How do you like the new ideas related to mobile technology and health? It seems to me that all this is heading in the right direction, and Apple actually has an idea its new platform at the same time not groping. Is this announcement release clamp measuring activity? Very likely. But for now, you have to be satisfied with these four applications.