Apple announced financial results for the first quarter of this year. Cupertino giant may not be in the worst shape, but both revenue and sales of main products (including iPhone), noticeably decreased. This is the first such situation for many years.

Even for a good few years we have become accustomed to the fact that the financial results of Apple for the next quarters / years is infinite bandwidth increases and growing sales (although this particular point was not always so obvious), but everything comes to an end eventually. giant from Cupertino shared at the end of the financial results for the last quarter , which was extremely bad, of course, by the standards of this company. In the period January-March 2016, Apple reported revenues of 50.6 billion dollars, which is the result of a 13% worse compared to the same period of the previous year and 33% worse than that of the previous quarter; profit fell from 13.6 billion to 10.5 billion dollars. Of course, there are still a cosmic sum, the margin Apple is still very high (39.4%), and cash holdings amount to 233 billion dollars, so it is difficult to speak here about a crisis, however, these data are certainly not optimistic, especially when combined with significant declines in sales the main products of the company. Sales of individual products is as follows (comparisons relate to Q1 2015):

  • iPhone – 51.2 million units (a decrease of 16% from 61.2 million)
  • iPad – 10.3 million (down 19% from 12.6 million)
  • iMac – 4 million (a decrease of 12% from 4.5 million).

While the drop in sales of tablets and computers is nothing particularly surprising, as clearly lower score of smartphones is worth noting. Apple becomes the largest ,, victim '' slowdown in the overall market, and their two cents ,, he added, '' the first quarter of last year, which for this company was extremely successful, so the background of the decline is particularly noticeable. Especially for the stock market, where Apple shares fell. Of course, once again I repeat that it is hard to speak of any crisis, however, such as no other results certainly are not satisfied with the rulers of the company, who in addition are expecting a further decline in revenues (from 49.6 billion to approx. 41/43 billion, according to its own forecasts ). This means roughly that the iPhone SE will not be a remedy for breathlessness giant, but certainly improve a little bit the overall situation. Does this mean that Apple's end? Of course not, but in spite of all the crew Tim Cook should start looking for a new foothold, because the old solution slowly lose their driving force.