Many geeks waiting for the emergence of a flexible smartphone that will be possible. Wear around your wrist like a bracelet. Suspected of being the first to do this Samsung smartphone, however, showed the … anonymous manufacturer from China.

In the Web for a good few years there are further speculation about the appearance of the first, fully flexible smartphones, which can be even wrap around the wrist like a bracelet. However, to date, manufacturers have limited only to the presentation device with a slightly curved (such as LG G and G Flex Flex 2) or bent (as in S6 Edge Galaxy) screens. Many expected that it is the second manufacturer will present the first fully flexible smartphone, but the Koreans gave to overtake anonymous manufacturer in China. YouTube Preview Image In the Middle (more precisely in the city of Chongqing) is currently exhibition technology , where one of the local manufacturers introduced a smartphone with a flexible display made ​​of graphene, which you can look at in the above video. As you can see smartphone running smoothly, but the image quality is unfortunately not the best, but of course that is not in this case, the most important – is primarily a showcase presenting the ability of a manufacturer that rather never goes on sale, and certainly not in the near future. Nevertheless, we should get ready for the emergence of more flexible smartphones in the next few years, as manufacturers gradually ending up with ideas for new shapes and designs. In the end, how many ways you can try to convince customers that noweurządzenie is more than another piece of rectangle?