For most Poles, ZTE is a company exotic, but all over the world the Chinese can boast the seventh place among the largest manufacturers of smartphones – last year the company sold 56 million phones, posting high growth.

According to data published in March this year, ZTE is ranked seventh among the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, maintaining a notable advantage over the Oppo and going head to head with LG, which on the Vistula River is much more recognizable. Given the noticeably higher sales growth on the side of the Chinese people, we suspect that next year we will overtake them its Korean competitor. In 2015, ZTE sold 56 million smartphones, representing an increase of 16% compared to the previous 12 months (LG recorded at this time … an increase of 1%). The company recorded a robust growth in important regions – the US, sales of 15 million devices (fourth place among all manufacturers) in Europe, growth reached 400% and in Asia Pacific 100%. The manufacturer boasts the third place in Russia (share of 10%). Company as a whole, a net profit of 1.89 billion zł, operating income increased by 23% compared to the previous year, and revenue was the largest in the company's history – we're talking about 59 billion dollars. Source: press release