Another week is the time for the next bit of data on the smart watch from Apple. This time we got to know information about the release SmartWatch.

Exactly at the beginning of last week, I wrote about the new Apple Watchu, which will appear this year. Successor model we have every right to count, but most people and analysts say that Apple decides to show the refreshed model with the added letter "s" in the name – the same procedure as in the case of smartphones fimy from Cupertino. This time there Ming-Chi Kuo and Brain White, another analyst said that the new Apple Watch will be from 20 to 40% thinner than its predecessor and will be shown already between 13 and 17 July at the annual WWDC conference, and so really too less than 3 months. Until now, many sources have suggested that the new SmartWatch appeared in September and will be the beginning of changes that will see the launch of Apple Watch 2. A new report White It seems, however, that the company Quanta Computer has a supply unit Apple between July and September this year. Looking at all these dates can only be guessing when you see the new version of the watch. It seems to me that this will not happen earlier than in the middle of the year or at the end of it – at the moment the more likely date is September than in July. However this does not in the fact that Apple officially announced the new Apple Watcha in July and reported all the details, which all look forward: we are talking of course about the specifications and new opportunities refreshed version SmartWatch. Originally, Apple Watch was launched on April 24 so refreshed version zadebiutowałaby little over a year later. Official presentation should take place so the July WWDC and the ability to purchase most likely wait until September. Is Apple planning to show then something related to the new generation iPhone? That, unfortunately, is not known, although looking at the concept of iOS 10, a new system and devices promise to be really interesting.