OnePlus company debuted on the Polish market in 2015 showing their latest devices, including the flagship model OnePlus 2. The Chinese company, which was established just three years ago trying to answer the "novelty" of the mobile market. Is OnePlus taking care of improving the quality of service will gain the favor of new customers? Mobile device market is like a huge board game, which takes a great game for customers. Every day, new players show us how to surprise and fight for anyone interested in the brand's. OnePlus company, which was founded in 2013. decided to strengthen Europe the new service center. With a reason to be satisfied are not only Poles, who since April 11th can enjoy the new service sector, but also 30 European countries. Full service support for the European market takes over the company Regenersis, which for some is known for many customers of different mobile (eg. The exclusive HTC) worldwide. The range of operation Regenersis are Baltic countries, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Cyprus and many others. The manufacturer has entrusted servicing experienced company in the field of logistics and repair services, so we can be sure that our devices will be handled properly and in accordance with the highest standards of service. Does the company Regenersis meet that objective serving almost the entire Europe for OnePlus?