Orange Poland has prepared a one-day action coupon, through which you can get discount codes lowering monthly fees.

The operator took off from promotional campaign , through which it is possible to generate two coupons and get a 20 percent discount on the entire life of the debt at the signing of a new / renewal of the contract for a mobile subscription or mobile Internet. The coupon can be generated from 13/04/2016 from 9:00 to 13.4.2016 until 8:59, and realize from 013.04.2016 from 9:00 to 14.4.2016 23:59. It should be borne in mind that the promotion can not be combined with other promotions available to offer Smart Plan LTE Smart Plan LTE SIM Only, Smart Plan LTE Common, LTE FreeNet and LTE for the home based on the functionality of the code discount, conducted at the same time by Orange Poland. To take advantage of the promotion to generate a promotional code , and for this must go to your service provider and follow the instructions. After generating the promotional code, please go to the purchase or enter previously generated code on, and then place an order. The code is valid once .. The generated voucher can be used with the following tariff plans: Plan Smart LTE SIM Only 19.99; Smart Plan LTE SIM Only 29.99; Smart Plan LTE SIM Only 59.99; Smart Plan LTE SIM only 129.99 Smart Plan LTE 39.99; Smart Plan LTE 49.99; Smart Plan LTE 59.99; Smart Plan LTE 69.99; Smart Plan LTE 79.99; Smart Plan LTE 89.99; Smart Plan LTE 99.99; Smart Plan 149.99 LTE, LTE FreeNet SIMO 34.91, 54.91 SIMO FreeNet LTE, LTE FreeNet SIMO 64.91, 44.91 FreeNet LTE, LTE FreeNet 64.91, 74.91 FreeNet LTE, LTE for home 74.91, Internet LTE 2in1 89.91. It should still be noted that due to changes relating to installment sales, which the operator introduced yesterday (12/04/2016), the amount recorded in the regulations (as well as in the entry), are reduced on the website for 15 dollars. Explains Peter Domanski: this is connected with the promotion of "15 zł discount on Subscribe sales offers with a phone or other device." And although ultimately pay for a subscription less, the difference between what you see on the site and what is in the rules may be a little different. However, we do so because the regulations specify the starting amount of the subscription. To sum ​​up – the value on our websites is the one that actually pay. I invite you, of course, to read the regulations: