Plus has prepared a two-day promotion for users of tenders on the card in which recognizes a gift of 30 percent of the recharge.

Bonus 30% to boost services "on the" Network Plus! Is an offer dedicated services to all customers on the card. Users of the card: JA + The Card, Plus Card, Plush on the Charter, Simplus, Sami Swoi, 36.6, JA + Internet on the card, plus Internet On the card, who will make another payment in the amount of from 30 to 99 zlotys. The Action spaces 11 and 12 April this year. Top-up accounts shall be effected through one of the parties: doladujplushbezlimitu,, or . A bonus of 30% of the committed supply will be automatically activated on the customer's account after the supply. It is worth remembering that the bonus does not extend the period of validity for outbound services. The bonus can be used on all telecommunications services: call, SMS, MMS and Internet. If interested, I refer to the Regulations.