The latest version of the operating system with the green little robot approaching the owners of the smartphone OnePlus One. When exactly can we expect its release?

Like many other users, people who use every day of the smartphone OnePlus of waiting to upgrade to the latest version of Android Marshmallow. Of course, the system itself is not exactly what is provided by Google, as OnePlus uses its own operating system OxygenOS, which is nothing but a modified version of Android. The software version numbered 3.0, what the truth is now available for download, but the official system before coming to I mentioned devices. Do not we know the exact release date, but in his tweet, Carl Pei said that we can expect it soon.

Marshmallow for the One is in the final testing stage. I can not give ETA as it depends on other parties, but should be very soon.

– Carl Pei (@getpeid) April 6, 2016

For other smartphones, such as even OnePlus X case it is not clear. The first models of smartphones Chinese company defaults emerged from CyanogenMod to later fully pass on the Oxygen OS. Newer versions such as the OnePlus 2 were delivered to customers with pre-installed, which I mentioned above. However, there is every lose hope – update should appear on all models of smartphones OnePlus. Unfortunately, the same tweet sent by Carl Pei does not give a clear answer when exactly we can expect an update that will go to the users most likely in the system OTA. So far the system is in the final testing phase, and probably OnePlus improves the biggest mistakes and minor problems that could occur in the beta during everyday use. For this type of test, unfortunately, we can not say exactly how much they will last. The good news, however, is the information that the same Android Marshmallow is coming slowly to the devices of OnePlus. For more data, we must wait patiently, but I suspect that users will see an update before the end of this month – if all goes according to plan the Asian brand. So it's time to prepare the device memory space and be patient.